Can You Wash Oven Mitts in the Washing Machine? (8 Ways)

Once you use an oven, you’d want to use oven mitts as the temperature might get too hot for your hands. Although the mitts are made with soft materials, they are pretty durable as they’re thick enough to withstand the heat coming from the oven.

Can You Wash Oven Mitts in the Washing Machine

After a long use, you might notice the mitts eventually get dirty. Well, this is pretty normal as the mitts always touch the oven directly. Some people got an idea to use a washing machine to clean it. But, how to wash oven mitts in washing machine? See the answer here!

Can You Wash Oven Mitts in the Washing Machine?

Yes, it is able to wash oven mitts in the washing machine. As long as the oven mitts are made of cotton, silicone, or canvas, they should be fine washed on a mild cycle. Just be sure to use cold water and a gentle detergent; anything too strong might harm the material. Before putting your oven mitts into the washing machine, there are a few things you need to know first:

Check the care label on your oven mitts.

The very first thing you should do is to check the label on the oven mitts. This label will contain some important information you need to know, such as the materials used for the mitts, and the cleaning recommendations.

In this part, you can see some instructions and precautions to clean the oven mitts. Some mitts can be tumble-dried, while others can’t. The same thing also goes for ironing, dry cleaning, or bleaching.

Turn The Mitts Inside Out

If you do find that the oven mitts are indeed washable, the next thing you should do is flip them inside out. You can simply slowly flip them, until the top surface of the mitts is inside, and the inside part is outside.

This has something to do with the fabric coating. If you flip the mitts, the fabric coating will be more protected from the detergents used in the cleaning process.

Wash Them Individually

What we meant by “individually” here isn’t washing each oven meat separately. Instead, it’s better to wash your oven mitts separately from the other items. As the materials used for mitts are mostly soft, it’s better to use cold water with a  gentle washing cycle.

The usage of hot water is risky for the mitts as it can potentially break the fabric surface. The result would be quite unsatisfactory as you would find some little holes due to improper washing methods.

No Bleach!

When washing items with softer materials, like oven mitts, it’s better to use mild detergents instead. This kind of detergent is suitable for washing the mitts’ surface. Although mitts are mostly made of fabric material, using fabric softener isn’t recommended as well. The reason is that it may potentially break the material down.

Mild detergents are pretty safe to use for the fabric materials. So, if you wish to wash any clothes or other items made of sensitive fabrics, like cashmere, lace, or silk.

Use Delicate Cycle if The Mitts Have Other Materials

Some mitts do have some materials aside from the fabric, for example, velcro, plastic, or any other materials that are considered washable. If you do have mitts with these materials, it’s better to set the washing cycle to delicate instead.

A delicate washing cycle means that the washing machine will be using a slower and colder method to clean the materials. It will apply cold water at higher levels and will spin the items slowly to make sure that the soft fabric materials won’t be broken.

Let Them Dry Before Use

After you’re done washing them, don’t use the mitts right away. Instead, let them cool down for a moment. This is important to keep the insulation dry in order to prevent fire damage. In order to cool the mitts, you don’t have to directly expose them to the sun.

Just simply lay them down, and that’s it. Using mitts can also be dangerous as the water can deliver the heat right to your hands.

Check The Mitts Again

As you usually do, before starting to use the mitts as normally again, it’s better to check their condition first. It’s important to check whether the mitts are damaged or not during the cleaning process.

Usually, mitts will have holes in them as the fabric doesn’t have that high level of durability. So, things like tears or holes are pretty common.

Only Wash When It’s Necessary

As we mentioned above, the fabric material used for the mitts isn’t considered really durable. In fact, as a clothing material, some natural fabric materials, like wool, are the weakest. Silk is more durable in this case.

Plus, as the oven mitts will naturally be stained after each use, there’s no point in washing them every single day. The cleaning is necessary only in certain scenarios, like when the mitts become too smelly, or really stained.

Benefits of Washing Oven Mitts in Washing Machine

Just like watching anything in the house in general, there are also many other benefits, you may gain from washing your oven mitts, such as:

  • To get the mitts cleaner: Of course, the main goal to achieve here is to make the mitts clean again after use. The stains can be cleaned easily by using detergents (mild ones).
  • Sanitization: During the cleaner process with hot or warm water, the mitts can also be cleaned of any bacteria or germs.
  • Saves time: Generally, using a washing machine is often seen to be highly effective as it’s fast because you can laundry many clothes at once. The very same thing also goes for the oven mitts. Cleaning them will be much easier if the washing machine is included.
  • Restoring the condition: Although it seems to be less likely, cleaning the mitts using a washing machine may help in restoring the fabric’s condition.
  • Make Them Cleaner from Bad Odor: Not only for the physical aspects, cleaning the oven mitts can be beneficial to remove the bad odor from the previous cooking processes. Not only odor but the small things like the lint or other parts can be removed as well.
  • Make Oven Mitts Last Longer: As the fabric’s condition gets better, and all the remaining debris is removed, the oven mitts are likely to have a longer lifespan. As a way to make the mitts have a longer lifespan is to clean any stains left on them after each cooking process.

How Often Should You Wash Oven Mitts?

The washing cycle actually depends on how often you use the oven mitts, below are the washing cycle recommendations for each use:

  • Light Use: If your tasks require using oven mitts rarely, then you can clean them at least once every few months.
  • Moderate: If the mitts are used in a certain routine, then they need to be cleaned once every month or two.
  • Heavy: In bakery production, things like oven mitts are something they need to resupply every now and then. As the lifespan of mitts isn’t that long, they have to replace and maintain production quality. However, you still have to clean it, so simply do it at least once a month.

Another point we’d like to point out is that cleaning your mitts is a must-do task if you notice that the mitts are extremely dirty. No matter how long you’ve been using it, it would be best if you clean it immediately.

Cleaning is also required when you’re buying new mitts. It’s essential to first clean the mitts before using them to remove any residual debris from delivery.


And that is how to wash oven mitts in washing machine. As you may know, cleaning the mitts isn’t as hard as it sounds. What you actually need first is to make sure that the oven mitts are washable, or support the washing machine.

Once it’s checked, you may simply put the mitts down in the machine, add some mid-detergents, and let it run. As you probably know, if you happen to not have a washing machine, you can always clean them using your own hands. Simply wash the oven mitts pretty gently, and lay them down.

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