Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Frying Pan? (Discussed)

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Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Frying Pan? (Discussed)

Now, we often meet with new methods sometimes when we’re cooking something. One of them is related to a frying pan and parchment paper. It’s actually one of many questions people feel curious about as they often ask  “Can you use parchment paper in a frying pan?”

Well, to know the answer, we’ve already prepared some useful information in this article, not only for answering the question but also to provide a few tips you can do next time you need to use parchment paper.

Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Frying Pan?

So, can you actually use it on a frying pan? The answer is yes. Using the paper is doable, as long as the heat is correctly set and the paper itself is resistant. There are a few tips if you indeed want to use it:

Use paper rated for high-heat

Before putting the paper down, you have to be perfectly sure that the paper you’re going to use is resistant to the heat exposed to the pan. Do note that while it’s possible to put parchment paper on a frying pan, doesn’t mean that you can simply use all kinds of parchment paper.

There are a few types of parchment paper that can be used for cooking purposes, and we’ll explain them later in a different section.

Cut the paper to fit the pan nicely

As you probably know, the parchment paper comes in a square shape. While it’s square, the shape of the pan itself is square. So both do not match. As a solution, you can cut the paper into a circular shape to fit the pan’s shape. That way, there would be no paper parts sticking out.

Before starting cooking, it’s better if you make the paper a bit oily to prevent the food from sticking. As the food isn’t sticking, you can easily remove it from the pan later on.

May buckle when heated

Despite its heat-resistance feature, the parchment paper is still, paper. So when you apply some heat to it, the paper will buckle. And it’s natural as the left moisture in the paper is completely dried, causing wrinkles everywhere.

If you want to make the paper’s surface nicer, you can simply apply a gentle press to flatten it again. The buckling problem is not that serious, so don’t worry much about it.

Don’t preheat an empty pan lined with parchment on high heat

It’s the most important rule you should know before doing anything else. Never preheat an empty pan with parchment paper in it. Doing so may cause the paper to burn as it can’t handle the extreme heat and hot steam coming from the pan.

The paper itself is actually a fire hazard when exposed to extreme heat, and when it is indeed burnt, it may emit smoke and fumes that can be dangerous for the food you’re about to cook.

Turn the food gently

As you put the food right on top of the parchment paper, it’ll absorb the excess moisture, which is also the reason why it’s able to withstand the heat. As the moisture is absorbed, the paper itself will eventually become wet.

And when you try to move it, the texture will be so weak as it’s so easy to tear. So, if you want to turn your food, be sure to do it gently to avoid tearing.

Don’t put liquid directly on the paper

As we mentioned above, to avoid food from sticking to the parchment paper, you can apply some oil. But, the way you do it shouldn’t be directly put inside the pan. Instead, use a cooking brush, which is generally safer and easier.

Putting liquid directly on it may cause the parchment paper to tear down due to the extreme moisture.

Only use the paper for quick frying tasks

Generally, you’d want to use parchment paper on a frying pan for quick cooking tasks, like quick frying something. While some types of parchment paper can resist a certain level of heat, it wasn’t purposely created for a long cooking duration.

So if you’re planning to slow cook something, it’s better to actually use proper tools instead of parchment paper.

Great non-stick capability

The reason why many people want to use parchment paper on a frying pan is because they want to do an alternative to a non-stick pan, which is achievable by putting parchment paper. This may provide the extra non-stick capability that conventional pans don’t have to cook delicate meals, like pancakes, eggs, or fish.

What Types of Parchment Paper Work Best for Frying?

In this section, we want to explain a few parchment paper types that may work best when combined with a frying pan. Now, we will mention three types here: unbleached, silicone-coated, and heavy-duty.

Unbleached Parchment Paper

This is the parchment paper that most people use for cooking. The main reason is that it’s more heat-resistant compared to the other types. It can withstand a hot temperature up to 450°F or 232°CC while still maintaining its form.

As the name tells us, the paper is unbleached. The chemical used in the coloring process is absent, which is also the reason why this paper is considered eco-friendly.

Silicone-Coated Parchment Paper

With a resistant level just below the unbleached parchment paper, you may also consider using the silicone-coated one. It’s able to deal with temperatures up to 420°F or 216°C, which effectively makes it an excellent choice when used for frying pans.

As the paper already has silicone on it, you don’t have to apply oil for the non-stickiness. You can just put any food on it, and they won’t stick.

Heavy-Duty Parchment Paper

Another type that’s on par with unbleached one in terms of heat resistance is heavy-duty parchment paper. It’s different in dimension as it’s thicker and more robust when compared to the other parchment types mentioned above.

It may withstand temperatures up to 420°F to 450°F or 216°C to 232°C, which makes it a suitable candidate when it comes to cooking.

Do You Need to Use Fresh Parchment Paper Each Time?

No, you don’t actually. If the parchment paper is still in a good edition, you can use it for later. The paper can be pretty oily after use, but that’s not something to worry about. What’s important is that the paper is still in one piece.

If the paper does show signs of tearing, then it’d be best for you to use another paper instead. As the paper is usually sold in a pack, you can always have another paper ready whenever you need it.

How Often Can I Reuse The Same Parchment Paper in The Frying Pan?

Although the paper parchment can be used more than 1 time, it doesn’t mean that you can always rely on a piece of paper for multiple cooking processes. One piece of paper can be used up to 2 – 3 times, as long as its condition is still okay.

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What Are The Recommended Foods to Cook with Parchment Paper?

The following items are some of our top recommendations for cooking using parchment paper:

Food CategoryRecommended Foods
FishSalmon, tilapia, cod, shrimp, scallops
EggsFried eggs, omelets, scrambled eggs
Breakfast foodsPancakes, crepes, bacon, hash browns
VegetablesRoasted veggies, grilled veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, squash, zucchini
Frozen foodsFrench fries, tater tots, chicken nuggets
SandwichesHamburgers, quesadillas, grilled cheese
MeatChicken breasts, pork chops, steak, lamb chops, beef kebabs, meatballs, hot dogs
Baked goodsCookies, scones, cinnamon rolls, brownies, bars, granola, shortbread, muffins
PizzaHomemade pizza crust
SeafoodShrimp, scallops, calamari, clams, mussels
FruitsGrilled fruits like pineapple, peaches, apples
SaucesTomato sauce, bechamel, cheese sauce
MiscellaneousPopcorn, nuts, bacon-wrapped foods

What Are Some Cooking Tasks That Parchment Paper Doesn’t Work Well For?

The following are some of the tasks in cooking when using parchment paper may not be the ideal option:

Cooking TaskReasons Parchment May Not WorkAlternatives to Use
Deep fryingCan’t withstand high oil tempsMetal mesh fry baskets
Cooking with lots of liquidMoisture disintegrates parchmentMetal pans
High heat searing/broilingCan burn at extremely high tempsBroiler pans, grill pans
Roasting small foodsItems may fall through holesSheet pan only
Sugary glazesGlaze may stick and caramelizeFoil
Sharp foodsCan tear on sharp bones/edgesLine with foil first
Greasy foodsGrease may soak throughMetal pans
Open flame cookingDirect flame contact burns paperGrilling trays
Metal pansWon’t work directly on metalUse atop sheet tray
Microwave cookingCan melt or catch fireMicrowave-safe liners


So yes, you can safely use parchment paper on a frying pan, and it’s doable as long as the paper can withstand the heat coming from the pan. Thus, we highly recommend using the parchment paper types we’ve explained above as they are more resistant to heat.

Also, be sure to carefully follow the recipes as one single wrong step in using the parchment paper may be risky as it’s actually a fire hazard. So it’d best to be careful, and good luck!

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