Can I Put Saucepan in Oven? (Answered, Facts, Precaution)

The internet is a wonderful place. Not only for entertainment, you may easily face a lot of useful information there, including those delicious recipes. When following a certain recipe, you might encounter an extra step that often sparks confusion: putting a pan into the oven.

Can I Put Saucepan in Oven

Seeing how confusing the whole thing is, people would ask, “Can I put saucepan in the oven?” Yes, it’s definitely possible. However, it’s only possible if you use the proper saucepan that can handle that much heat. There are also many other things you need to also consider, which you can see right on below!

Can I Put Saucepan in Oven?

Yep, you definitely can. There are some brands that create these pans made of durable materials for oven use. Although the pans are strong enough, the same thing might not be the same case with the handles. That’s the reason why you have to check the bottom of the pan to see whether it’s suitable for oven use or not.

The sign is usually located right at the bottom, which you can easily see. You may also check the manual to check this information. In case you lost it, check on the internet to find the digital version of your pan’s manual, which is available widely.

Factors to Consider Before Putting a Saucepan in the Oven

Not all kinds of pans are suitable for oven use. So before trying to buy any pan for the oven, it’s best to consider a few factors beforehand, such as:

  • Materials: The first thing you have to make sure of is the pans’ materials. Make sure that they are durable against the hot heat of the oven.
  • Handle materials: The materials for the handle are also as important
  • Oven temperature: Although some pans are suitable for oven use, you also need to be sure to set the proper oven temperature.
  • Purpose: The saucepan is not the only thing to be used for oven cooking. So it’s best to find a suitable “vessel” for your recipe.
  • Saucepan’s condition: Over time, the condition of your saucepan might get worsened. In order to cook properly, check whether the pan is still durable to be used.

What Precautions Should I Take Before Using a Saucepan in The Oven?

In order to be safe when putting the saucepan into the oven, there are a few precautions you need to take:

Verify oven-safe rating

Please note that not all saucepans are safe for oven use. So, before starting to use it for the oven, one thing you need to do here is to verify the oven-safe rating. The label can be found at the bottom of the pan, or in the manual book.

Generally, the kind of pans that are safe to use for an oven is made of cast iron, stainless steel, and other non-stick materials.

Inspect handle material

Aside from the pan’s material, you also need to check the handles. Usually, most pans have handles made of plastic, which is clearly not suitable for the oven. So, try to cover the handle using aluminum foil to prevent it from melting in case the heat is too hot to handle, no pun intended.

Check pan size and fit

As you’ll put the pan inside the oven, of course, it’s important to make sure that the size can fit properly. It’s best to pick a saucepan that still has some space left around it as the walls can get hot as well.

Use potholders for hot handles

The increasing hit in the oven will affect both the pan and the handles, causing them to burn your hands if you’re not careful. So, it’s best to put the potholders first before putting or removing the saucepan from the oven.


As the heat and steam will be developed as the cooking process goes on, keeping the proper ventilation in the kitchen is essential to keep the surrounding environment feeling better for you. Plus, it can also be a precaution to prevent any possible accidents or health problems due to extreme heat.

What Is the Maximum Oven-safe Temperature Listed?

In the case of cookware, the maximum temperature they can handle highly depends on the materials. For example, if your pan uses stainless steel, the maximum temperature it can handle is around 260°C to 288°C. If the pan is made of cast iron, it’s made to be used in the oven at the maximum temperature of 260°C to 316°C.

You may also find some saucepans that are made out of copper. This kind of pan can handle the highest temperature at 232°C to 260°C.

When to Avoid the Oven with Saucepans?

There are certain situations when using the saucepans is simply not possible, such as:

Plastic handles

If you notice that the saucepan handles are made of unsafe materials for the oven, like plastic, it’s best to avoid using it completely. These materials can melt easily, which can also affect your food and cause multiple issues to the oven itself.

Extremely high temperature

Some foods require extreme heat in order to be cooked properly. In cases like that, it’s recommended to avoid using the saucepan as the heat is just too much to handle. It’s better to look for other cookware that can handle it well.

Having pans with susceptible coating

There are some coatings that are susceptible to extreme heat, such as ceramic, non-stick, or pans that have decorative finishes. In order to prevent terrible accidents, it’s best to avoid using saucepans using that are coated with these materials.

How Do You Remove a Hot Saucepan Safely from The Oven?

In order to safely remove the saucepan from the oven, there are some steps you need to take:

  1. Use dry potholders or oven mitts: In order to protect your hands from burning heat, use the dry potholders to carefully take the saucepan from the oven.
  2. Grip handles firmly with both hands: To handle the pan better, take it with both your hands
  3. Lift the saucepan slowly and steadily: Don’t rush anything, take it slowly and carefully
  4. Watch for escaping steam – As the oven door opens, the heating steam is escaping from the inside. Watch out for that.
  5. Set on heat-safe trivet, not counter: Never put the hot saucepan directly on the counter as it can burn it and leave some marks that are difficult to erase.
  6. Allow the saucepan to cool fully before handling: To prevent any possible damage, it’s better to leave the pan to cool down before handling it without potholders.
  7. Use extra care with heavy pans: Due to the extra weight, it could be harder to take the pan from the oven. So, do it very carefully.

How Do You Know If a Saucepan Is Oven-safe?

You’ll know that the saucepan is safe to use for the oven by doing these simple steps:

Verify the oven-safe rating or icon on the bottom

First, check whether the pan is suitable for oven use or not. You can see the symbol right below the saucepan.

Inspect handle material and exterior coating

As mentioned above, what matters is not limited to the pan material only. You also need to check whether the handle and exterior coating are durable enough to handle the heat from the oven or not.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for oven guidance

It’s wise to check the manual to see several useful information, including the saucepan’s durability.

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Yes, it’s definitely possible to put a saucepan in the oven. However, it’s only doable when you use the proper saucepan.

So, you have to be sure that the pan you’ll be using is durable enough for oven-cooking. Not only the pan itself, but it’s also important to check the handle and the coating.

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